ground-up; although, during ​the 2008-2014 challenging real estate cycle, acquisitions of existing projects was the only way to grow… which then took the company to Sacramento, Porterville, Vancouver and Kansas City. 

The goal of SKN Properties has always been to develop great projects and keep them long-term. But, like most startups, the first few needed to be sold in order to build the next one. When Blockbuster was the hot new tenant, SKN built six projects with the video/game retailer; then Starbucks came along, and SKN developed 13 Starbucks projects. Since that time, SKN Properties has developed projects for over a hundred different tenants; from Advance America to Verizon. 

SKN Properties handles their property management in-house (Judy has been with the company for 18 years). Kim handles the "greening" of the properties: synthetic grass was just installed in Oakhurst, LED lighting in Sacramento and new drought tolerant landscaping in Sanger. (Scott does his best to stay out of the ladies' way!) All tenants know they can reach SKN Properties at any time. Scott always says, "We treat our tenants as partners; because without them… where would we be!"

So, 25 years have flown by, and the twins are off to college; so Kim sent Scott back to developing ground-up projects again (college x 2 = expensive!).

Here we are, Welcome to SKN Properties!

When Scott first began developing in 1991, his CPA called one day and told Scott he needed to quickly come up with a name for their new development entity. On a deadline, and thinking the name could be adjusted or changed later, Scott quickly came up with: "SKN Properties" (short for Scott, Kim, Negri).

Well, it has been 25 years and some 45 developments and acquisitions later… and the name has never changed. SKN Properties is focused on one to five acre retail projects, primarily in Northern, Central and the Monterey Peninsula of California; with additional properties in Kansas, Washington and Texas. The vast majority of the projects have been