Scott G. Negri, Owner/General Partner of SKN Properties

Scott Negri is celebrating his 31st year in the commercial real estate business.  He started with Coldwell Banker (CB) in 1985, specializing in retail leasing and sales.  While at CB, Scott received a number of awards, including Rookie of the Year and numerous “Top Five” awards for the Fresno, CA Region.  

In 1991, Scott left CB to join Commercial Retail Associates as a Partner.  Also in 1991, Scott and his wife, Kim started their own development company.  Upon urging from their CPA, Scott and Kim were forced to quickly decide on a name for their company.  Scott came up with; “SKN Properties” (short for – Scott, Kim, Negri).  Well, 25 plus years later, that name has stayed with them. 

Over the years, SKN Properties has developed or acquired approximately 45 properties.  Scott enjoys the creative process of developing a project from the ground up.  Working with his architect on creative building design and layout, researching and finding the best new tenants, and developing a project that is solid and long lasting are some of the things that drive Scott to work in this industry.  Scott knows that not all people find a career that they love, but he is just as passionate and fascinated about this industry as he was the first day he started at CB.

In addition to SKN Properties, Scott has a long history of philanthropy in both the Fresno and Monterey communities. He was a member of the Saint Agnes Men’s Hospital Foundation in Fresno for 7 years.  He served on the Fresno Make-A-Wish board for twelve years; the last three as President.  He currently serves on the board of directors for the Boys and Girls Club of Monterey County.   

How does someone find his or her passion?  Well, for Scott is was an interesting ride.

Before the commercial real estate world came calling, Scott’s career path wasn’t always so clear.  Scott originally thought he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become an optometrist.  But 2 years of chemistry and physics started playing havoc with his mind (and GPA) so Scott moved to Hawaii to figure things out.  When he quickly ran out of money, Scott ended up selling timeshares, realizing his slight gift of gab.  After a semester off, he went back to college and switched his major to business.  Scott spent the rest of his college years, working on his degree in Business Marketing and began traveling the globe working in many exotic locations for Club Med.  Upon his graduation from college, Scott continued to work for Club Med, and it was those experiences and relationships that led him to travel and work extensively throughout Europe and Asia; giving him time to figure out what career path he would take.  Scott still says today that the exposure he had from traveling and working abroad helped him to decide what direction he wanted to go in life.

Scott and his wife Kim reside in Monterey California, They have twins who are now in college.  Scott still loves the business and is always looking for the next SKN Properties project. 


Judy Troehler, Property Manager

Judy Troehler joined Scott Negri at Commercial Retail Associates in 1998 as his Administrative Assistant while learning the commercial real estate business.  As SKN Properties acquired more properties, Judy’s role evolved into property management and tenant relations.  She got her real estate license in 2003 in order to properly facilitate her growing role at SKN. 

Currently Judy runs the Fresno management office, maintains all property financial operations, and works directly with tenants, vendors and coordination of property maintenance.  It is SKN Properties commitment to excellence that drives our business and the growing needs of our properties and tenants, Judy’s role is to maintain that level on a daily basis.    

In addition to her work at SKN Properties, Judy currently attends Fresno City College to earn a degree in fine art with an emphasis on oil painting and drawing. 

Jeannine Marcenaro, Assistant Property Facilitator

Jeannine Marcenaro joined SKN Properties in 2016 as an Administrative Assistant. Jeannine comes to SKN Properties with four years of property management experience. Working in the field has provided her with an extensive knowledge in helping with tenant issues and expediting. 

Currently Jeannine assists Judy Troehler at the Fresno Management office. Working under Judy's direction Jeannine works directly with vendors and tenants, assisting in maintaining all properties.

Jeannine is also a Certified Paralegal specializing in real estate law, which brings a professional dimension to our office.

Kim Negri, Owner and Partner of SKN Properties

Kim Negri has been working with her husband, Scott,  in their commercial real estate development business for many years.   Though Kim’s background is in marketing, communications and public relations, she has jumped into the development business to support their company, SKN Properties, in various ways throughout the years.  

Kim graduated cum laude, with a degree from California State University, Fresno in organizational communications and a minor in public relations in 1989, and started her career with Xerox Corporation in sales and management that same year.  In her first year with the company she was “Rookie of the Year” for the Sacramento Region.  As an account manager, she handled K-12 education and higher education; as well as city and county governmental accounts.  During her time with Xerox she was also a high volume management specialist and a President’s Club winner numerous years.

In Kim’s current role at SKN Properties, she is focused on creating and implementing a sustainability program, which includes; lighting/energy usage, landscaping, water and recycling upgrades and initiatives.

In addition to being a wife, mother of twins, and partner in SKN Properties, Kim has always felt strongly about the communities she and her family live in, and the importance of giving back.  Because of her passion for community service, education and the arts; Kim has worked with numerous organizations and non-profits over the years, including: 

Monterey Museum of Art Board Member 2014-Current                                      

Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, PPC Board Member 2012-2014                           

Central California Blood Center Board Member, 2009-2012                                           

San Joaquin Town Hall Lecture Series Board Member, 2009-2012                          

Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art, Metropolitan Club President, 2000                 

Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art Board Member / Marketing Chair, 2000-2007                         

Fresno Unified Public Education Fund – Board Member – 1990-1994

Though Kim could not have imagined in her first few years of college that she would be the mother of twins, a passionate advocate for the arts, or working with her husband in their commercial development company; each day brings new challenges and experiences and she is excited about the opportunities ahead.